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We Offer Exceptional Breakthrough in Waste Management TechnologyServices Delivery & Provide the Art of Strategic International Business Across Borders;

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  • We Design, Developed & Deliver Technology, Energy Services & Support

We are the Premium Provider, Offering Technology Services, including the supply & Installation of Innovative “Foodie Composting Technology” in both Europe and African Territories. We offer technology that’s ecologically friendly and economically compatible with every client’s resource available.

Group4solutions ‘Foodie composting technology is one of the leading waste management technologies at present, which has the capacity to convert all types of organic food waste within 24 hours and decreases the entire waste up 80%-90% at the source to produce another exceptional product in the output as “Multi-purpose Compost”.

The Natural Organic Compost generated is basically to serve as a natural replacement for chemical fertilizers where necessary by the clients. It also helps to benefit the farmers and gardener for the nourishment of their plants and crop production naturally.

We operate from the Heart of Europe, the Czech Republic and we also cover the African Continent territory.

So, contact us today! We are offering technology and services globally.

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Group4solutions was set up around 2013 with its primary focus to deliver services that include; Strategic Consulting Internationally, Offering Business Collaboration Across Borders, Offering of Intellectual Knowledge Sharing, Delivering of Seminars, Engaging in Various Academic Conference to offer presentations

After three years later, we engaged fully in the international business collaboration with the leading Czech, German, Slovak multinational companies securing innovative technologies services that serve our clients satisfaction.

Since this prosperous engagement, group4solutions experts has successfully served as strategic consultants to numbers of EU innovative technology companies who were decades finding possible means to secure rewarding business partnerships with the key African regions.

However, as of today, group4solutions services cover countries like Kenya, Botswana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Swaziland, and Angola, Namibia among others.



Indeed, over the years, our company has combined this business of international consulting with the delivering of useful knowledge sharing through seminars delivered to private companies, groups, public companies and various other research projects including scholarly theoretical presentations across Europe and Africa territory.

Thus, Group4solutions has discovered an innovative means to manage solid waste professionally after several years of research into environmental challenges that include human societies waste management. These innovative technology products are today in use globally providing meaningful and useful services to clients across Europe, moving into Africa and Internationally.

Group4solutions innovative technologies are aimed at supporting human societies globally towards saving the planet. That’s, Foodie composting technology provide by group4solutions helps to reduce global warming, eliminates landfills and thereby creates garbage free cities.



Group4solutions technology offering “Foodie Composting Technology” is fully a technology scientifically built to eliminate solid waste on human societies, the technology helps to eliminate the consequences of dangerous odours generated from all organic waste into our environment, it supports the Hospitality Industry, Schools, Hospitals, Restaurants, Shopping Malls, and so many other organizations that generate all types of organic waste to create garbage free cities.

Our strength lies with our Experienced, Exceptional Professional experts, Strategic Consultants, Business managers, Technology guru, Trusted clients and our individual commitment is to deliver an honest difference and sustainable solutions in the art of modern business in both international business and in offering of innovative waste management technology to our clients make us the leading and above our competitors. We are the leading Foodie Composting Technology globally.

We are unique, reliable, strong and committed to delivering excellent services, products and technologies to all our clients internationally.

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Group4 solutions s.r.o. Head-Office @ Prazska,674/156,
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Prague Branch Office @ Václavské náměstí 832/19,
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Business contact: English, Brno/Praha +420 775 957 072
Praha Group4solutions Contacts: +420-778 011 844
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Email: service@group4solutions.cz

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