Group4solutions s.r.o Premium provider of the smartest solutions for global waste management.

Providing solutions for; Hospitality waste, Supermarket waste, Restaurants waste, Household waste, and Medical waste. Plus Various Institutions, Factories, and Offices with all their waste challenges.

Despite the existence of various waste management companies globally, the widespread garbage within human societies and their challenges with the collection process, transportation, packaging, segregation at source, recycling and composting using old methods have skyrocketed. Current global waste statistics on individual industries is a clear indicator, that every industry needs a better solution.

Group4solutions s.r.o offers an exceptional breakthrough in waste management technology, as the premium providers of superior environmentally friendly waste technology for our clients. We can install, provide maintenance services and other cross borders strategic international business across continents.

Our Services & Products Include:

  • Delivering Innovative Technology & Service Within the EU and Africa
  • We Offer International Business Consulting Across Territories,
  • Offering Strategic Project Planning, Development & IT training,
  • We offer Ecological and Eco-friendly water treatment technology with built-in special renewable energy technology for the African Market.

We are the leading Organic Waste Management Solution Provider.

We strongly believe in providing our clients with the most sustainable and cost-effective way to deal with their solid waste on-site. That’s not all, we provide a range of market-leading solutions for organic and medical waste. Which not only reduces your waste at source and turns it into something useful. We also promote the global campaign towards saving the planet, which saves you money, the environment and helping societies towards a zero-garbage state.

We are the “Premium Providers of Waste Management Technology”, operating from the Heart of Europe, in the Czech Republic, and in Dublin. Where we cover both the European Union and the African Continent territories. Our premium technology that we provide is environmentally friendly and the best ecologically solution, which are economically compatible with every client’s budget.

Our waste solutions are provided using the latest technologies at present, with the capacity to convert all types of organic food and waste within 24 hours. This can decrease the entire waste amount up to 80%-90% at the source, producing an exceptional natural compost,

The natural organic compost generated out of our waste technology, aims to serve as a natural replacement for chemical fertilizers. With enough nutrients to serve the purpose of being an alternative fertilizer, to help benefit farmers and gardeners for the nourishment of their plants and crops naturally. That’s why we call our compost a “Multipurpose Fertilizer”.

“We’re the Captain of Waste Management”

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About Us

Our company Group4solutions was first conceived in early 2013 when the world leaders start to raise alarm over the increasing food waste challenges affecting the global warming, Climate Change and increasing in climate pollution. It was since this period that we began to speed up the idea of engaging in providing sustainable, Ecological and Eco-Friendly Composting Technology service delivery to our client. We became addicted toward seeking various was to provide a unique Environmental waste management Technology solutions to our clients. However, today, we are the premium provider of advanced Solid Waste Technology Medical Waste Solutions both on-site.

Our Machine “CONVERTS” garden waste, leaves, all types of food leftover, fast food, all types of meats and small bones, bakery food waste, eggs and its crab’s shell, poultry, fish of all types, fruits or peels of all types, vegetables or Peels. Perhaps, all solid waste into a valuable multipurpose Compost and highly nutritious Fertilizer for reuse by the Farmers or Gardeners as Organic Manure and turn it compost within just 24 hours.

Wwork closely with all Municipalities, Hospitality industries, Schools, Supermarkets, Malls, Production Factories, Township Markets, Housing Estates, Hospitals, Restaurants Owners, Villars Owners, Private Household, and Waste Management Companies to deliver them with our Fully Automatic” Composting Technology that Composes all Waste within 24 Hours at The Source or your On-Site”.  Our Composting Technology helps all our clients in solving their problem of the rising costs of food waste, Hospital Waste disposal and many other organisations in both labour and transportations 

Group4solutions provides an ecological and cost effective Technology for EU & Africa regions. We deliver our proven waste management solution, because of special microorganism built into our technology for the treatment of wastes on-site or at the source.

Since 2018, we have started to deliver 3kg per day unique waste technology at the source, 25kg per a day, 75kg per a day, 125kg per a day, 250 kg per day, 500kg per a day, 700kg per a day, 1250kg per day packaged. 

We provide local municipalities bodies, Private companies, and government institutions special microorganism composting machines from 1 tonnes per day up to 5 tonnes per day processing capacities. We have unique Agents & Marketing Groups across EU & Africa territory. 


We deliver to all our clients Technology, Specially built with aggressive microorganism in our products “  to provide your industry or organization with a “Professional Approach” to manage all types of your Solid Waste or Medical your company or industries produce @ its Source. We are represented in the Czech Republic, Ireland other EU Territories & Africa 

Our technology is genuinely committed to reducing “Global warming and Climate Change Challenges” from “Solid Waste being generated by all Industries Produces” altogether. We are indeed the Captain of Composting Technology. Contact us today. 

Whatever the scale, your location and in whatever waste challenges you face, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have sustainable, durable & cost-effective budget plans for you. 

We are truly the Captain of Waste Management Solutions!  


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Head Office:

Group4 solutions s.r.o. Head-Office @ Prazska,674/156,
Brno, 642,00, Czech Republic, EU. Our ID: 071 27 065,

Prague Branch Office @ Václavské náměstí 832/19,
Nové Město, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Business contact: English, Brno/Praha +420 775 957 072
Praha Group4solutions Contacts: +420-778 011 844
Mobile: Czech Brno/Praha +420 604 795 000.


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