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We are groups of professionals and experts individually. Our services are tailored to support all industries and organizations that produce immense organic food waste daily to help them reduce all financial cost involved in the management of our client’s waste removal permanently. Note, Group4solutions clients cut across all industries and organizations.

However, our key clients include: Residential Apartments, Villa for top government administrators, All Hotel Industries, State government & Municipal Area Council, All Restaurants, Educational Institution’s facilities, Various Office Buildings, Factories, Military Base, Shopping Mall or Centres, Recreational Zones or Areas, Canteens, All Hospitals, All Markets Zones, Gardens & Public Parks, Town-Halls, etc.

Our processional services include;

  • Delivering Innovative Technology & Service Within the EU and Africa
  • We Offer International Business Consulting Across Territories,
  • Offering Strategic Project Planning, Development & IT training,
  • We offer Ecological and Eco-friendly water treatment technology with built-in special renewable energy technology for the African Market.

Our solutions to waste are permanent

Group4solutions ‘Foodie Composting Technology is invented with special attributes and capabilities to converting all types of Industries/Organization organic Food waste into a Rich Compost within 24 hours Operations with the volumes reduction up to 80-90% naturally.

We are offering this Foodie Composting Technology to all European & African territories. It’s our exclusive hope and belief to provide solutions to all industries & organizations with neither strategic consulting, technology services or in offering our company operational expertise to enable our corporate clients and customers to achieve their respective industries/Organization zero garbage free at the source

We also support our clients to find permanent means to eliminates all types of cost involved in their industries and organization waste removal on the management.

Thereby, increasing our clients business growths, efficiency, and productivity.
Group4solutions are professionals and committed to utilizing our deep industry experiences, rigorous research and probing business acumens to support all our clients toward their business growth with our solutions.

We are convinced that anyone who purchases Foodie Composting Technology aims to help their industries and organization to permanently eliminate their industries waste professionally.

Nevertheless, we offer our clients professional advice, provide Foodie and further distribute this innovative technology to all our clients internationally.

Foodie composting technology generates natural organic Fertilizer as its output from the waste collected. Thereby, this output after 24 hours compose goes directly to help Farmers and Gardeners as a direct replacement for Chemical Fertilizer used in the past.

We Foodie Compost could also serve as sources of financial benefits to organizations and industries through commercialization of their waste compost to Farmers & Gardeners.

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We are available to answers all your request 24/7. Contact Us Today. We add Values to all Industries & Organizations with our Foodie Solutions.


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