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Group4solutions as professional, experienced and experts, we offer various services mentioned above to support our clients from; Strategic Consulting, International Business Planing, Evaluation of industries Waste Challenges to the delivering of technology and services required.

We design, develop and provide strategically services and innovative solutions to assisting various organization and industries business improvements and growths.

Our core business is to provide quality services and support that all our clients required from the start to the end. Thereby, creating a healthy workplace with a robust professional touch of support from our experts, we assist our clients in managing all types of food waste challenges at the source professionally.

As professionals experts in our own field, we possess various range of useful expertness and innovative ideas and information’s that is always potentially required as valuable to our clients. We deliver top class services and offer consistent support to our clients, thanks to our leading expertise and the discovery of Foodie composting technology.

Foodie Composter Technology:

“From Waste to Organic Fertilizer”

Nothing is Wasted!


At Group4solutions s.r.o, our company is staffed and represented by a group of experienced professionals and experts whose core interest focuses on international business relations, strategic business consulting, delivery of leading technology and in collaboration with the innovative technology manufactures globally in order to deliver to both EU countries and African Sub-Sahara clients a richly deserved technology, service and support each of our client’s professional challenges.

Also, as a sole and authorized distributor of the leading composting technology, Manufactured by Ecoman industry, Our primary focus is to support all our clients to understand the values of our innovative technology and to purchase one “Foodie, a leading composting technology” for their use. An innovative technology that stands to solve all types of organic food waste generally for various industries and organizations at its source.

One of the extraordinary & genuine values of Ecoman “Foodie Composter Technology” is not only about reducing organic food waste from industries and organizations but reducing landfills and saving the cost of waste removal.
This is because. Foodie composting Technology can process all types of organic waste into compost, naturally and biologically without adding any additional substances.

That is, Foodie technology also decreases methane emissions otherwise caused in traditional landfills, eliminating garbage to resolve the organic food waste at its source.

In this way, the traditional landfill waste management system is eventually removed, and high-value compost is generated as reliable organic fertilizers.

 An innovative technology that stands to solve all types of organic food waste generally for various industries and organizations at its source. 

Our Products Advance Solid Waste Technology

Operational Values include:

  • Fully automatic and highly compact Technology, built-in Waterproof stainless
  • Processes all types of organic waste, leftovers, garden waste, etc.
  • 85-90% volume reduction of organic waste into quality compost within 24 hrs.
  • No addition of any microorganisms or anything else for composting ever.
  • Noiseless, Odourless, Maintenance-free.
  • No harmful gases, No pathogens.
  • One-touch smart operator panel
  • Built-in deodorizes membrane
  • Built with Ultra-durable twin blades
  • Removal of compost only once in 10-15 days
  • No need for waste removal, Transportations, bad odours, etc. We solve your waste at its source

Group4Solutions Offers Advanced Solid Waste Technology

That Meets Global Industrial Standard and Eco-Friendly to the Environment


We acquired: 

  • Our Products Satisfies the 3R principle -Reduce waste at source, Recycles waste for Reuse for plants and farming,
  • Completes ecological loop – Food goes back to the soil from where it comes,
  • Savings in costs of collection, transportation & disposal of waste wrongly,
  • Helps in creating zero garbage cities, local flies & Rodents within our environment,
  • Preserves landfill space and bring about health & Hygiene management,
  • Protects Environment, Protects Economy,
  • Reduces water pollution., Storage & handling challenge,
  • Protects wildlife and we contribute to green human society,
  • Last but not least, prevents global warming.

On the other hand, farmers benefit from the Multipurpose Compost produced by our Innovative Technology which is reused to nourish crops reproduction.

We Offer ‘NEW GENERATING’ Waste Management Solutions


Group4Solutions offer one of the most reliable, innovative and cost-effective on-site waste solution for all types of solid waste, Food wastes involving International Catering Waste and industries waste.

We also provide on-site solutions for other costly Medical waste solutions products for various medical institutions. We are the pioneer who first introduces Foodie Composting Technology to EU & Africa Market and so has the patent rights on the Foodie Food Waste Machine in Europe & Africa

Also, we provide a proven selection of on-site solutions for other difficult organic waste by the users of our inbuilt crushing technology. Our patented technology has developed various Catering Waste equipment in conformity with the EU, Australia, America standards and the world’s toughest regulatory standards

In purchasing one of our world class-leading Waste Management solutions at source technology would provide our customers with an opportunity to focus on their individual business whilst our Technology offers them a great opportunity to be saving time and money.

Every one of our clients who purchase any of our Innovative Composting Technology has contributed meaningfully toward saving the Planet.

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Our Valuable European Clients

& References Includes:

Partners: Technická Univerzita Ostrava, PRAGUE FORUM.



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